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Bandito Saddlebags are perfect for riders who want a quick, compact and versatile storage option that doesn't require mounting brackets or straps. The included saddlebag liners keep cargo organized and let you unload everything without having to remove the saddlebags. Made from premium UV-rated vinyl for a modern take on a classic style.


Dims: 15" wide x 6" deep x 9" tall


Cubic Inches: 810 per bag (13 liters)


Made from durable UV-rated vinyl


Includes two removable saddlebag liners for each bag


Laced-up adjustable mounting belt allows fitment on virtually any motorcycle


Slanted design accommodates most stock fender-mounted turn signals


Mounts on top of or under the passenger seat with slant facing forward or backward


Adjustable buckles for quick and easy opening/closing


Non-slip backside protects paint on the fender


Includes mounting strap kit for added security 





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Saddlebags Bandito

Multi-Fit: Fits Over or Under Passenger Seat Multi-Fit Note: Applications with larger turn signals mounted to fender struts may limit the number of...
3501-1422 $243.95

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