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EASY CRUISE throttle control with adjustable tension design is universal fit for most commonly used throttle sizes.


Made of NYLATRON thermoplastic resins. Its combination of physical properties like wear resistance, Impact resistance, tensile strength, lightweight and high tolerance for heat and cold makes it a good replacement to most metals and aluminum 


Adjustable tension gear design is easy to be installed or removed by one hand .Set the required tension as desired when replacing to new throttle size


Two easy ways for engaging to set speed using your index finger or thumb till it rests over your brake lever.


Easy disengaging by twisting the throttle clockwise or forward as you normally reduce the speed


Comes with rubber ring for added friction when in use 


Size: One size fit all


Warranty: 2 years

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Easy Cruise Universal

WARNING: DO NOT take your hands off the handlebars DO NOT use in traffic or congested areas DO NOT use when precise speed changes are required DO...
0632-0813 $30.95

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