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The radius arc softens the look of the conventional drag bar, providing a sweptback styling that emphasizes the contours of your fuel tank

The rider is provided much-improved comfort while the effort to steer and control the bike is reduced

The large-diameter tubing is well suited to today's cruisers, and its thick walls reduce the vibration that causes hand and wrist fatigue

It is the most comfortable drag bar you will ever ride with

Drilled for internal wiring

Fits with stock control lines and is easy to install



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Drag Bars Inforno Yamaha

Etched flames in the tubing surface that'll make your bike a standout  Designed to complement the contours of your tank, this highly...
0601-1274 $298.95

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Drag Bars Radius Kawasaki

  Dimensions: Diameter: 1-1/4", Width: 31-1/4", Rise: 6-1/4", Pullback: 8-1/4", Riser Width: 3-1/2" ...
0601-0999 $247.95

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Drag Bars Radius Yamaha

Diameter: 1-1/4"   Width: 33"   Rise: 7 1/2"   Pullback: 7 1/2"    Riser Width:...
0601-0998 $247.95

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