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This handlebar will make your bike feel like it lost 200 lb

More rider benefits at less cost than pullback risers

Comfort, control and great looks all in one handlebar

Reduces riders reach, makes the bike easier to steer and handle better

Relaxes neck, shoulders, back and wrists while riding

Pulls grip-point back closer to the rider, taking pressure off shoulders and back

Special bends reduce or eliminate numbness in wrist and arms

Direct replacement for stock handlebars
Works perfectly with stock cables and lines
Available in chrome or gloss black powder coat

Diameter: 1"   Width: 36"   Rise: 4"     Pullback: 12 1/2"
Made in the U.S.A.



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Handlebar Starbar Chrome Metric

Dimensions: Diameter: 1", Width: 36", Rise: 4", Pullback: 12-1/2" make    model    year  ...
0601-0995 $238.95

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