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The X Tender®  comfort seat is a fusion of X Gel and Visco-Elastic foam designed for ultimate riding comfort


The concave design eliminates pressure points on the tailbone and spine caused due to long hours of riding or sitting, it also absorbs vibrations caused by road bumps giving uncompromised riding comfort


X Tenders use a climate control gel polymer in all seat sizes, this gel is divided into two parts (In M and L only) to channel airflow and instantaneously responds to body movement by dispersing pressure


Drymax® Mesh on the top of the seat allows the fabric to breath and helps flow of air through the seat enhancing comfort


Anti Skid bottom keeps the seat always in place once snapped on with an adjustable elastic loop system that goes under the seat


Removable with a snap on sliders when not in use. Light weight and easy to carry and pack


Multiple uses of the seat. Use it for your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or carry it on a plane or take it to the stadium


Water proof inner lining to protect your Visco-Elastic foam and X Gel from getting wet


X Tender is 1.5 inch thick. Raises rider to a minimal height when in use.


Lifetime gel guarantee-will not melt, harden, crack or leak


Four sizes to fit most seat sizes: S, M, L, CO (Cross Over)


Dimensions in inch (Front Width, Back Width, Length): S - (7”x 8.5”x 9.5”), M- (8.5” x 14.5” x 12”), L- (9.5”x 16” x 14”) , CO- (6.5”x 8” x 16.5”)



Item Name Model- Price

Seat Gel Pad X-Tender Cross Over

(Front Width, Back Width, Length) (6.5"x 8" x 16.5")
607576 $63.95

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Seat Gel Pad X-Tender Large

(Front Width, Back Width, Length) (9.5"x 16" x 14")
607575 $71.95

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Seat Gel Pad X-Tender Medium

(Front Width, Back Width, Length)  (8.5" x 14.5" x 12")
607574 $66.95

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Seat Gel Pad X-Tender Small

(Front Width, Back Width, Length):   (7"x 8.5"x 9.5")
607573 $46.95

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